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24 hour helpline 1800 699 799
24 hour helpline 1800 699 799


Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Services (DBMAS) is a nation wide network of services funded by the Australian Government. In Tasmania, DBMAS is administered by the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS Tas) and managed by Mental Health Services. DBMAS Tasmania has been integrated with the Older Persons Mental Health Teams across Tasmania.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their carers by providing a support service to assist in managing behavioural symptoms commonly associated with dementia.

The DBMAS service is available to care-workers, aged care services and carers who are providing care to people with dementia, where the behavioural symptoms of the person with dementia are impacting on their care in either residential settings or in their own homes. Our team of health professionals provide clinical assessment, intervention and evaluation, including:

Using a person centred approach we provide:

  • Information, clinical support and advice on dementia and related behaviour

  • Assessment and diagnosis support

  • Clinical supervision and mentoring of care staff

  • Support with care planning

  • Short term case management, including guidance related to dementia and other care issues such as safety and environment

  • Access to brokerage funding to provide short term interventions and direct services, equipment and other resources

  • Education and support through tailored information and workshops for carers, care staff and families

  • Liaison and referral to other related services

  • Access to old age psychiatry and geriatric services

We are:

Focused on person centered care

  • We remember the client as they were, seeing the whole person  and their journey

  • We treat clients as individuals and with respect and dignity

  • We are responsive and available

Innovative and creative

  • Behaviour mapping and tailored interventions and strategies

  • Utilising brokerage funding for short term interventions, direct services equipment and other resources

  • Using educational strategies to upskill carers and care staff


  • Consultants who investigate, assess and refer where required

  • Clinical leadership and expertise

Services offered by DBMAS include:

  • Clinical assessment, intervention and evaluation

  • Support and advice

  • Assistance with care planning

  • Suggestions for behaviour management techniques

  • Provision of resources

  • Tailored education, workshops and information

Some of the things DBMAS can provide:

  • Library - books, DVD's and video resources

  • Sensory equipment

  • Diversional therapy equipment

  • Newsletters

  • Proactive and reactive education workshops

  • Self-directed learning packages

You can ring the FREECALL DBMAS assistance line 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 1800 699 799

Where We Go

DBMAS is a state wide service which provides assistance with the care and management of people whose behavioural symptoms of dementia are causing risk or distress to themselves or others.

The service is offered to:

  • Staff of aged care services;
  • Other clinicians (e.g. General practitioners, staff or mental health services for older persons, allied health professionals) Where they are providing care to people receiving aged care services
  • Volunteers in aged care services
  • Family carers
  • Staff in acute or primary care facilities

The care recipients of DBMAS are people with dementia, their carers, families or medical staff where:

  • The behaviour of the person with dementia impacts on their care
  • The person with dementia is receiving care or seeking care through aged care services or has been admitted to an acute or primary care facility
  • Volunteers in aged care services

Assistance is provided to the care recipient where they are. This could be at home, in a residential aged care facility or in an acute or primary care facility.


Tasmanian DBMAS office is staffed by qualified clinicians between 8.30am and to 5.00pm on week days.

Weekend, After Hours and Public Holidays Assistance is available on 1800 699 799.

Southern Office - For all referrals and education enquiries
Upper Statton Building,
Repat Centre,
90 Davey Street,
Hobart 7000
Phone: (03) 6165 6953
Fax: (03) 6226 4426

Northern Office
View Point Building,
2 Frankland Street
Launceston 7250
Phone: (03) 6165 6953

North West Office
60 Cattley St
Burnie 7320
Phone: (03) 6165 6953

24 Hour advice and assistance - 1800 699 799


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